Home cooked meals served with Love

Home cooked meals served with Love.

Smiling mothers and housewives in the kitchen -- that's our secret recipe. In a city like Mumbai, it is challenging to discover a meal that is wholesome, nutritious and flavourful just like your home-cooked meals. For https://sahikitchen.com , our patrons have loved our meals and it is best by explained individuals, old and young, as'ghar ka swaad'.

From using the right cooking oils to delivering the meals in sterile Steel containers, we are extremely particular about the procedure. In the kitchen, our procedure involves cooking in iron, steel and brass utensils and foods are cooked from scratch such as gravies, curries and breads. We strictly follow a policy of'no microwave'.

We bring innovation in our meals to excite the palate of our customers. We think that you should not have to make a decision between eating healthy and eating tasty. Sahi Kitchen is for the most alluring foodie who would like to not compromise on quality but cannot betray their tastebuds. This diet program focuses on all around nutrition, calorie counting and, above all, fabulous meals! We will provide your breakfast, dinner and lunch for you 7 days a week at your doorstep.

Our inspiration -- make healthful food tasty and exciting.

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